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We Specialize in Luxury Watch Repair & Service with Over 45 Years of Experience

COA – Clean. Oil. Adjust.

A COA service (a.k.a. COR or Overhaul) is our most complete service. Most manufacturers recommend that you have a COA completed every 3 to 5 years. Unlike the “service” offered by some other watch care facilities, where they may simply “clean your watch case and add a little oil”, our expert watchmakers follow manufacturers service guidelines to provide a fully intensive service.

A COA service consists of the following

  • Disassembly of the watch case, bracelet, and movement with a careful assessment of all parts for wear and damage.

  • Movement parts are thoroughly cleaned in a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning machine. Worn or damaged parts are replaced.

  • The movement is reassembled using several types of high quality horological lubricant. The correct lubrication of the movement is essential to ensuring your watch continues to serve you for years to come.

  • Using an electronic timing machine the movement is calibrated and adjusted for correct time keeping. The movement is tested in multiple orientations in order to verify the correct Amplitude and Beat Rate and to reduce Beat Error.

  • The case and bracelet are polished, refinished and ultrasonically cleaned to remove scratches and blemishes.

  • The watch is reassembled with new gaskets and seals, and if applicable, a water-pressure test is performed.

  • All watches are then monitored during a 48 to 72 hour time test before being returned to the client.

One-Year Service Warranty

Watch Face Repair – Glass Face Watch Repair

The watch crystal is that front part of your watch, usually made of glass or plastic, which covers up the dial, or face. Since this part of the watch literally “faces” the rest of the world, it often takes a lot of abuse. They can scratch, crack or break just from dropping it on the ground. Thankfully, most watch crystals are easy to replace, and to replace with original parts.

What To Do?

If you’re finding your watch crystal is constantly getting scratched or cracked, a good option would be to upgrade to a sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystals are significantly stronger than mineral glass crystals, and are virtually scratch resistant.

Custom Made Crystals For Oddly Shaped Watches

Most crystals are readily available for replacement when damage occurs, but in the case that the crystals we have available don’t fit your particular watch, we can make a custom one just for you.

Sometimes you don’t just want your watch to run like new, but you also want it to look like new!

No matter how long you’ve owned your watch and how careful you are with it, sooner or later it’s going to lose some of its shine. Sometimes you’ll start to see little scratches or dents, or you might just notice an overall loss of luster. It can happen so gradually that you might not even notice. But one thing is for sure, once you get it back from our expert technicians, you’ll remember what it’s like to have that new watch again.

Our experts personally handle and polish each piece to give it that like-new shine. They have years of experience that you’ll see every time you look at your watch.


Our Experts Let it Shine

There’s nothing like a good shine. Our Polish service removes:

  • Scratches

  • Dents

  • General signs of wear

No one handles watches better than our experts. They are as experienced as they are thorough. And they get the job right, using only the best tools, customizing the job to the specific shape and size of your watch.

When you combine the right tools, with the right experts, and the right amount of work, you get a timepiece that looks as good as the day you first put it on.

This is How We Do It

Using the most up to date instruments, tools and processes, we will:

  • Polish and restore the outside of the watch, removing scratches and dents and restoring luster and shine.

  • Refinish all parts of the watch, including the movement, bezel, crystal and more.

  • Restore watch to original water resistance level.

Why We’re the Best

  • Our experts and specialists have years of watch repair and care experience. They have the right training and certifications. And we keep them up to date with the latest methods and techniques so you’ll always get prime, state-of-the-art service.

Keep in Mind

  • If the scratches on your watch are particularly deep, we may need to remove a small layer of material, but don’t worry. If that step compromises the quality of your watch, we won’t do it.

The VIP Treatment

At Time Repairs DFW, your watch gets the VIP treatment. We want to make sure your watch runs smoothly, runs efficiently, and runs at optimum levels long into the future.

That’s our premium service: the highest quality skill and craftsmanship, backed by years of experience, done in a workshop full of the latest tools and technology. Anything less…well, that’s just not Time Repairs, DFW.




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